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В рейтинге лучших доставок еды Бар MANDARIN занимает 65 место. В городе Москва 65 место.
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«Бар MANDARIN» находится по адресу: Бар MANDARIN, Малый Черкасский пер., 2, Москва, Россия, 109012 , Москва. Адрес сайта доставки еды facebook.com . По состоянию на 2024-06-23 20:50:08 «Бар MANDARIN» занимает 65 место в Доставка еды России. Посмотреть все награды и статусы России 2024.

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Телефон: 84957450700
Адрес: Бар MANDARIN, Малый Черкасский пер., 2, Москва, Россия, 109012 Москва
вторник: 12:00–06:00
среда: 12:00–06:00
четверг: 12:00–06:00
пятница: 12:00–06:00
суббота: 12:00–06:00
воскресенье: 12:00–06:00
понедельник: 12:00–06:00

Малый Черкасский пер.

Бар MANDARIN, Малый Черкасский пер., 2, Москва, Россия, 109012


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Service and drinks w...
Service and drinks were great. Ambience hasn’t aged too well.
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Very elegant place,...
Very elegant place, not too expensive, good food, limited variety in the menu
Полезный отзыв?
Tasty food at reason...
Tasty food at reasonable price. Perfect place to have a good lunch/dinner.
Полезный отзыв?
Authentic Chinese fo...
Authentic Chinese food in fancy ambience. Wide choice of soups, noodles and hot dishes. All of them quite tasty.
Полезный отзыв?
Very strange design...
Very strange design with fancy chinese girls and duck from cartoon o_o ordinary menu but overpriced. But all soups were tasty. Hong kong duck was awful because of bones.
Полезный отзыв?
It was on the pricie...
It was on the pricier side but the food was really good and we really enjoyed fried milk (have been looking for something similar for quite a while but with little luck).
Полезный отзыв?
Bar with very intere...
Bar with very interesting and tasty cousine.
Полезный отзыв?
Shocking customer se...
Shocking customer service. Upon receiving an incredibly small portion, I asked to speak to the manager as it was very disappointing. I realise that it is not necessarily their fault however I was met with the manager who simply provided me the legal menu and an a matter of fact attitude. Out right refused to lift a finger to provide any recompense to the situation and was happier to see us leave than retain 4 customers. Extremely disappointed with the service.
Полезный отзыв?
Restoran Mandarin co...
Restoran Mandarin could write a book on how to create a unique atmosphere. To experience the full influence of this restaurant's atmosphere come in the evening. The amber glow of the lamps and candles light juxtaposed with the seating and decor will take you back to an early 20th century era. You just can't quite put your finger on which one though... Make sure you make a reservation as the place is rightfully popular and you will not get a table if you just show up. I consider myself to be somewhat of an Asian cuisine aficionado. I've eaten "Asian food" at so many other restaurants in Moscow and have been very disappointed. This was not the case at Restoran Mandarin. One of the hallmarks of a restaurants ability to tastefully make a good dish is based on the variety of their menu. Restoran Mandarin goes all in on the Asian cuisine genre, and for that they have mastered the tastes of the dishes they serve. Based on the menu and other people's comments their primary specialty is Peking duck. Peking duck is used in different dishes, and in the dishes we had (red curry with peking duck, kungpao duck with cashews and pickled duck in a crispy spring roll with mango dipping sauce) it was experienced differently enough and didn't seem redundant. Each one was absolutely delicious and I would order again. A two course meal (sharing the appetizer) and a few drinks will cost around 6000 rubles. The portions are filling, although I'm sure by the end of it, you'll be scraping your plate and wanting more.
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Nice trendy design w...
Nice trendy design while the food was way too posing as authentic Chinese, still nice cocktails, quite ragtag crowd.
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