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Гранд Кафе Dr. Живаго Moscow


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В рейтинге лучших ресторанов Гранд Кафе Dr. Живаго занимает 138 место. В городе Москва 69 место.
Изысканный ресторан с элитными блюдами. Роскошный ресторан высокой кухни с видом на Кремль, расположенный в гостинице "Националь".
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Изысканный ресторан с элитными блюдами. Роскошный ресторан высокой кухни с видом на Кремль, расположенный в гостинице "Националь".

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По субботам, воскресеньям и понедельникам ресторан закрыт на технический перерыв с 5.00 до 7.00

«Гранд Кафе Dr. Живаго» located: Гранд Кафе Dr. Живаго, ул. Моховая, 15с1, Москва, Россия, 125009 , Москва. Website ресторана drzhivago.ru . As of 2024-07-20 03:41:58 «Гранд Кафе Dr. Живаго» takes 138 place in Restaurants Href ru. See awards and statuses Href ru 2024.

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Phone: 84999220100
Address: Гранд Кафе Dr. Живаго, ул. Моховая, 15с1, Москва, Россия, 125009 Москва
вторник: 24 часа в сутки
среда: 24 часа в сутки
четверг: 24 часа в сутки
пятница: 24 часа в сутки
суббота: 24 часа в сутки
воскресенье: 24 часа в сутки
понедельник: 24 часа в сутки

ул. Моховая

Гранд Кафе Dr. Живаго, ул. Моховая, 15с1, Москва, Россия, 125009


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I don't think there...
I don't think there is anyone who was in this restaurant and could leave without wanting to return. Fantastic atmosphere from the times of the Soviet Union. The authors recreated everything, down to the asterisk on the lapel of the waiters. The portions are very large, so to touch the chicken was complicated, but we took it with us. It was delightful. The Pozharskaya cutlet was juicy inside and crispy outside. Dumplings, vareniki and pancakes - everything, absolutely everything is very tasty with a beautiful presentation and well-trained waiters. Cry Geneva! You never dreamed of this!
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Excellent Russian ex...
Excellent Russian experience in a classic environment and with a top service. Make sure to book in advance as there’s high demand. Likely, you’ll have to pay cash. I can recommend the quail and honey cake. For more experiences like this, follow @quiquinnv
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Had a very decadent...
Had a very decadent breakfast here on our stopover in Moscow during the World Cup. The service was excellent - can't believe they're open 24 hours and maintain such high standards at all times! The prices were probably a bit pricey by Russian standards but very reasonable by Australian standards. They had a lot of traditional Russian dishes and drinks which were fun to sample. Food was overall decent. Great view of the Red Square and Kremlin.
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Wonderful place for...
Wonderful place for breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night drinks as is open 24 hours. I'm from London so the prices were incredibly cheap for the quality and the surroundings. Traditional Russian grub was really delicious as were the cocktails and homemade lemonade. Got seated on a table away from the window and the waitresses were happy to move me to a window table when one came available. Would highly recommend!
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Reservations are rec...
Reservations are recommended since this place gets packed quickly. I initially came here around 5pm for dinner and was luckily offered a table, which was free until 6pm. The BEST borsch soup I’ve had during my stay in Moscow and St Petersburg was here!!! My fish dish was tasty! I came back another day for breakfast, and the eggs Benedict’s use of buns are preferred over English muffins, so this was appreciated. Service is very kind and accommodating. Very friendly. The interior is very interesting and clean. Location is convenient to Red Square. Overall, worth coming for meals!
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best resto we visite...
best resto we visited in Moscow on a recent trip. the staff who greeted and seated us was not warm or friendly and i almost changed my mind and left. but the lovely girl who took our order and served us was very nice and helpful. she recommended the blueberry cake that turned out to be the best we ever had. the mixed juice were fresh and refreshing, and the mixed pie was superb.
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I was excited to try...
I was excited to try typical Russian food So selected dr.jhivago as per my Russian friend’s recommendation. It worth and they do have the best blueberry cheesecake ever. All food was amazing Russian soup was very delicious Atmosphere amazing amazing Priceless honestly comparing to service and quality Food very high quality Thanks for the team and to serve me professionally. Keep it up 👍 Attached my order photo
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One of the best meal...
One of the best meals and experiences we had in Moscow. The staff was friendly and spoke English which made things easier. Every single dish was delicious and beautifully presented. We had to make a booking for the next day as when we visited for a 'walk in' they were completely booked. Well worth a visit
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We had blueberry and...
We had blueberry and honey cake with Jasmine Tea. All was good and nothing to complain about.
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Very bad, with extre...
Very bad, with extremely bad attitude and racial discrimination. We made a reservation in advance and they confirmed it, but when we arrived, they said we didn't have a reservation and asked us to wait. We queued in a very long line and waited for about 2 hours, but they still didn't give us food. opportunity, but other locals went in without queuing. The waiter had a very bad attitude and kept rolling his eyes at us. Racist restaurant! ! ! ! !
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